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Time for perestroika..

28th January 2013. As our current Government tries to further restrict free speech ,an opportune time to reprint an article on how our freedoms are being…

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Lack of Trust…

25th January 2013.Recent articles have outlined the rort that is the family trust tax system. Not for butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers. The well heeled and…

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And on a gloomy note….

18th January 2013. Incompetence of political processes, intransigence of religion,suffocating air pollution and getting worse,global warming and getting worse, population out of control,superbugs out of control,rich…

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Past the post….

9th January 2013. So our governments are continually squealing about lack of funds, how about a tax on gambling in the hands of the recipient.. A…

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Not Compulsory….

8th January 2013. I see the Queensland Liberal Government is pushing non compulsory voting. Good try, when studies indicate this method massively favours right wing parties…

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And on the affirmative….

5th January 2013.The power wielded by big oil, big pharma,big food, big finance etc in their rapacious search for profit and executive and owner remuneration is…

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