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Knight time…

25th March 2014. In an effort to make us the laughing stock of the world our Prime Minister has resurrected ‘Knights and Dame’ titles. Is there…

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Lobby or…….

20th March 2014. Lobbying and corruption are so close together they are almost indistinguishable. Lobbying must be stopped if any semblance of our democracy is to…

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16th March 2014. Getting tired of this two party duopoly flip-flop in politics. Paucity of choice between the incompetent and the incompetent. ‘A fool and his…

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12th March 2014. Australian Governments are starting a trend to stop paying solar electricity owners for their excess power. I don’t think they realize the tsunami…

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5th March 2014. Yesterday.. large 4 metre illuminated sign over the expressway ‘——Distracted drivers cause accidents—–‘   advertise

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I Spy Again…..

1st March 2014. I am reluctant to keep rabbiting on about this but…  We still get bombarded by stories of grubby little people playing their childish…

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Still here…

1st March 2014. Have been a bit of a lazy correspondent lately. Having finished two novels ‘Contrail’ and ‘The Fox Hunter’ , ( both Thriller/Romance if…

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