1984 – a good year….

21st May 2010. I normally only make a comment about once a week – but various governments are keeping me busy. Now as well as being viewed by thousands of surveillance cameras on a frequent basis- net monitored and controlled – being forced to be politically correct for fear of litigation – complying with over the top standards of health and safety – my movie viewing censored, the thought and morals police now require me to tick a box on the immigration card if I am carrying pornography. George Orwell – 1984 was such a good year.

‘You can cage the singer, but not the song’

2 thoughts on “1984 – a good year….

  1. Michele Kett says:

    It is time that we all read that small but vital book called The Constitution of Australia. It is the defender of our rights and yet i know of very few people who have read it (it is simple) and some who even deny it’s existence! Governments cannot tell us HOW to live, the job is to provide us with the necessary infrastructure to do it. Compulsory voting is unlawful under the Constitution! Did you know that? No “law” passed by a State Government that does not conform with Federal Law or the Constitution is unlawful! And as for all the BS about health! Anyone who has a brain should know that in the last 20 years all the information about what causes illness has been overturned by Quantum medicine and the scientifically proven understanding that we are personally responsible for what occurs in our bodies. Many doctors already know this, but like the legal profession, are not going to change the status quo because their bank balances will suffer and they will no longer be looked upon as Gods.
    With freedom comes responsibility, and it is up to each of us to be responsible for our actions. When we treat each other as we wish to be treated, and understand that there is nothing to be afraid of, we can be free.

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