Know it all….

8th January 2011. A couple of recent articles has reinforced the fact that the stock market is simply a device for transferring money to the minority ‘in the know’ from the majority ‘out of the know’. This is particularly reinforced by directors trading stocks in the blackout period and the rapid introduction of massive computing power by trading houses to beat the average punter. Easy solution – dont play their game !

1 thought on “Know it all….

  1. scottygelotty says:

    This is so true. My dad has worked in finance for his whole life and I think it has been a waste of his time. As a small time dealer there is no point even trying to bet your money on the market. Most of the time prices are determined by the heavyweights who basically own the market. You cannot predict what their moves are going to be. So why waste your time being small fry, staring at a computer screen watching numbers go up and down?

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