Land of the free…

6th February 2010. Whilst trying to avoid comment on other Nations issues, we have enough of our own to keep mé going, I Think a recent expose in the International Herald Tribune newspaper that Carnival Cruises , a company with an $11.3 billion profit pays US , State and Foreign taxes of 1.1% tax, and that Boeing pays 4.5%, Yahoo 7%, and several energy companies less than 2% and so on. This ability of US corporations to avoid corporate tax would seem to make any free Trade agreements with the US a nonsense.

‘The United States has a system of taxation by confession.’

3 thoughts on “Land of the free…

  1. darcy maine says:

    its time all the middle aged people who know that all our human rights are being systematically eroded by the control freaks in federal parliament intent on maximising control, to make themselves heard.
    suggestion to nanny tsate blog writer, you may want to use about 10 tag words per post and make them more specific to your writings. e.e not just “tax” but “tax rip offs” “australia needs bill of rights” etc use phrases as well and alot more readers will come.
    cheers and good work

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your comment – am not particularly interested in boosting readers and foisting my ideas onto others. More interested in combating others who are trying to foist their flawed ideas onto me. Saves me throwing things at the TV

  3. Mike says:

    If I work overseas I have to pay tax there and the balance to the Australian Government if the overseas tax is less than I would have paid working here.

    Why not make it the same for Multinational Corporations trading in Australia. If you pay less tax overseas than you would have paid here you have to pay the balance here. That would help level the playing field.

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