No disaster today please we are busy…

14th March 2011. The Japanese tsunami is a salutory reminder that despite years of bluster from various governments Australia does not have a national disaster warning system. Off the top of my head in a couple of minutes, how about strategically placed sirens that can be selectively actuated to prompt the population to listen to nominated radio/TV/Internet. I guess however that a couple of minutes is precious time to a bureaucrat running to his next coffee break.

’ Bureaucracy is the art of making the possible impossible’

2 thoughts on “No disaster today please we are busy…

  1. Jake says:

    Yes, i say it is right to remove all branding on all products, the child support agency does the same with fathers who care for their children the indiscriminantly change child support rates to force them out of work. All and everything is controlled in this country, in africa the crime was high but at least the people has freedom…

    Get used to it as time goes on, more and more things will be controlled. There is no freedom in australia.

  2. Mike says:

    The answer would be simple. Build the siren into every mobile phone as a special ring tone. Oh’ that’s right. Mobile phones don’t work everywhere in Australia.

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