Minority View….

14th April 2011. People tend to think of our society as consisting of a vast “majority” along with a few “minorities”. The truth is that each and every one of us belong to a minority in many sectors of our lives. It may be our religion or our opinion about climate change. Our politics, where we holiday or even where we live. When sacrificing the rights of minorities is regarded as the price we just have to pay for our “freedom”, we no longer have any “freedom”. Freedom is the right to choose to be a minority in some area and not being forced to agree with some “accepted” view. When minorities lose their rights, eventually the country becomes ungovernable as EVERYONE eventually becomes upset with authority. First the bikie minority, then those selfish people who use their aircon units when they get too hot, then those who don’t agree with wars, then finally anyone at all who doesn’t agree with the current government (who are the ones deciding what the “majority” view is). Oppression of minorities eventually becomes oppression of everyone. About time to repeal those most oppressive laws which deny individual civil liberties.

‘The test of courage comes when we are in the minority. The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority’

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  1. dr.d says:

    bang on mate , i happen to be a biker ( not an outlaw , i might add ) , and i am feeling slowly and inexorably crushed by a system that i seem to have virtually zero say in.
    changes in the rule of society seem to have very little to do with what we the interesting people want.
    rules are implemented , usually hand in hand with clever media campaigns to drive the message home, then the “majority” ( apathetic sheep , who are basically only guilty of being mentally short sighted & lazy ) go baaaaa ! nice being beige isn’t it ?
    us interesting minority groups are fucking fed up with it

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