24th April 2010. Stradbroke Island has two main communities joined by 20km of road, half of which is limited to 70Km/Hr, and no built up area on the road .Whilst spending some time here recently over Easter we have been breathalized 5 times in three days. Road fatalities on this island over past years you could count on the fingers of one finger. In the same vein, air traffic in Sydney was thrown into chaos for two days recently with 30 or so flights cancelled because a dozen or so people went through a security check that became briefly inoperative. Such thoughtless total overreaction by the guardians of our safety and morals is inexcusable in the grand scheme of a society that has so many more pressing higher priority problems that require their attention.

‘The more laws – the more offenders – the more laws’

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  1. Joe M says:

    A friend of mine drives a police Hyw Patrol vehicle. In training, if there are 5 cars in a pack, 4 new and 1 old, Which one do you check. The old one. Reason being in police training, is the idea that if you have an old car, you have less money, all the more chance to steal or owe fines and be driving without a licence. So they endorse train to pick on the poor. The theory may be close to correct in some ways. though how dare they have this as a part of police training.

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