Warming Up….

31st May 2011. As usual more heat than light in our global warming debate, if thats what you call a group of parliamentarians screaming at each other across a room. Seems fairly simple – for 100 years we have been using the atmosphere as an air sewer – it has to stop for the good of the planet and therefore the good of us. It can only stop through individual, corporate and government effort. So lets all stop squabbling and get to it.

‘Think Globally – Act locally’

7 thoughts on “Warming Up….

  1. Colin Trezise says:

    There are too many politicians attempting to play both sides of the argument related to climate change and will not commit for fear of retribution from voters unable to decide for themselves.

    In the meantime ‘shock jocks’ make the decision for those people unable to or afraid to face the fact that the majority of scientists are in agreement on ‘human activity is responsible for global warming’.

    So little has changed, media continue to determine our attitudes and we all suffer the consequences.

  2. Bob Fisher says:

    I DO know if you pay someone enough money they will present science in a manner to fit you own beliefs and aims. The truth is that the globe is cooling, we wont run out of water in Sydney and Brisbane any time soon!. I do agree that wanton distruction of our enviroment in the pursuit of money has to stop, will only happen thru legislation. Problem is money puts the polies into power, “the people” have little say agaist the power of big money, e.g. the farmers plight since the gas wells moved in! Actually Australia is doing OK but the huge amount of money wasted on green ideas is sending us broke, as all our efforts are negated in a few days by just 1 volcano. Talk about tilting at windmills, I give up

  3. Daren says:

    I definitely think more can be done for our environment but I’m not convinced on the purported causes of global warming (ie, man being the primary cause).

    It feels like a little game the elitists are playing to try and convince us that we need to implement carbon tax, which ultimately the consumer will pay for, and it will go into the pockets of the elite and wealthy.

    Try to read behind the lines, when hypocrites like Al Gore will fly around the world preaching about change, yet leaves his big carbon footprint with his private jet, but very few are aware that Al Gore is a large stakeholder in the Chicago Climate Exchange (aka the CCX), in which he stands to make hundreds of millions per year from the carbon trading market.

    Lets not kid ourselves that the government has all of a sudden developed a social conscience about what is good for us, and then if it were true rather then “Educate us” they want to tax us, thinking that will help.

  4. tp says:

    the goverment hides things we all know it, all things cause global warming. How about our planet travelling through the cosmos? How much is caused by what’s on the outside of our atmosphere? What about the sun? Unknown radiation? The point is anything could be causing it and man’s contribution towards warming could be minimal.

  5. Bernie says:

    Half of the population in the world is in Asia and I bet they will not be paying a carbon tax. China will not stop using coal and we cannot afford not to export the stuff to them.
    Considering that with 22 million people in Australia we intend changing the worlds habits what a joke. Maybe we should seriously look at our refugee problem when 93% of them being here for five years have not got a job.

  6. Paul says:

    The nanny state that is Australia goverment loves so much is motivated by the money in administrating and licensing such.

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