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22nd June 2011. This site ‘nannystate’ has been operating for about 10 years. Recently the tobacco and alcohol industry started a lobby site to lobby against amongst other things impending legislation on cigarette packaging, proposed amendment to trading hours etc. To save you wasting time reading my blog if you were after ‘nannastate’ and have had finger problems, I would just like you to know that on balance because of the addictive nature of the products, I hold the tobacco, gambling and alcohol industries in some contempt.

‘Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town’

18 thoughts on “In case you’re here by mistake…

  1. Tom says:

    Speaking of mistakes, the credibility of your blog might be enhanced if, in the opening line, you changed “In case your here by mistake” to “In case you’re here by mistake”.
    Just a thought.
    Suggested theme for investigation: As all new pollies feel a need to earn votes by passing new laws, and we rarely hear of old ones being repealed, doesn’t that mean that we’re eventually buried in the things? Perhaps a constant-sum law that says no new law to pass without an old, useless one first being repealed, to make space for it on the books.

  2. Kaye says:

    Im a non-smoker but my husband, son, & daughter all smoke..It is their right to choose,as it is mine, to what they wish with their own bodies.Im tired of the Govt & especially the Do Gooders telling us what we can & cant do in our own cars, houses & god forbid out in the open air. They dont mind taking the money from the taxes they impose on these products but also then have the audacity to preach how to run our lives…Butt out(pardon the pun) of our lives…

  3. admin says:

    Recently watched the Isle of Man TT motorbike races ( they use brick walls for barriers ) I think 2 competitors and 3 other motorcyclists killed during the week. All would have to acknowledge and accept the dangers and there were no howls of protest about barriers – mankind and the challenge.
    My beef with the achohol, tobacco, and gambling industry is the addictive nature which removes the element of free will to enable a few to benefit at the expense of the ‘addicts’ and sometimes their families

  4. admin says:


    Thanks for the heads up on the spelling Tom, must have looked through it 1000 times . Credibility, no I’m not after credibility – writing a blog stops me throwing things at the TV

  5. maureen says:

    Wish to support tobacco companies re this dictatorial stance and illegality of removing ANY companies intellectual rights.
    My mother is 96 years old , still alive , smoked since age 15 , myself 60 years old still smoker, no lung problems.
    Australlia is NOT as far as I know a ‘Police state’- In Manly where have been 26 years, many overseas tourists ie Gerfmans, cannot understand why cannot smoke on the beach, ie sand as is illegal.

    No government anywhere in the world who hold a stance against any product should not be unethical and receive tax on such products.

  6. kazrikt says:

    I smoke, I enjoy it, I am addicted to it to, it’s my choice, my problem. I take great offence to being told by anyone especially the govt. where I can or can’t smoke outside (same as previous comment) and how my tobacco should or shouldn’t be packaged. Until the govt makes tobacco an illegal product then they have no right to interfere with the tobacco packaging. I mean who the hell do they think they are? They are happy to make billions of dollars in tax from cigarettes, but then turn around and dictate what we can or can’t do. It’s typical govt greed and double standards! By the way if tobacco was illegal, I then would have to give up smoking. Probably a great idea!

  7. Christine says:

    I am so sick of hearing the Government talk about cigarettes and plain packaging. If they are truly serious about the health of the people they dictate to then maybe they should ban tobacco but we know they won’t do that because they are hypocrits and they like the tax from cigarettes. And to all these minority groups who have so much to say about how people live their lives mind your own!!. I am not a smoker but my late husband smoked from his teenage years until he passed away last year aged 53, not from anything to do with smoking, in fact he was a very healthy man sadly he got Motor Neurone Disease, now theres something the Government needs to put more money into rather than being seen to care about smokers!

  8. Lindsay says:

    I often wonder, why doesn’t the tobacco industry just take all the harmful chemicals and carcinogens out of cigarettes? Or do they deny that smoking is harmful?

  9. Jane says:

    Why introduce plain packaging as every incorporated business has a right to their independent packaging, logos and advertising. The government reaps in 75% taxes from cigarettes. which is a known fact. I would like to say what are they doing with this 75% – accomodation, legal benefits, housing, travel and tax payers money for illegal migrants – supporting the sale of Australian farms to foreign investors and who knows what other things the Government is doing that the Australian tax payers are not aware of. This proposal is just another idiotic notion by just a few idiotic public servants; the problem is none of them are serving their public.

  10. suzy says:

    It is so sickening, smoking is disgusting, so is cocaine, marijuana, extasy, domestic violence and pedophilia. If Julia can’t fix everything else why is she targeting smoking and if this is so bad why dont they, the government just ban it and make it illegal!!!!
    It makes too much money that is why! talk about double standards! There are needle dispensing machines attached to health care faciliites so an illegal substance can be shot up! The puechasers of these kits – then hop into their cars and shoot up and drive off. However you cannot smoke on the land of health care facilities. Seems that we are a total nanny state that is run by incompetent people who are only after a few terms so they can get the parlimentary pension!!

  11. john says:

    I am a smoker of 20 years… I hate it…. I wish it was illegal , I would vote for making it illegal as it would help me to help myself. The harder you make it for me to smoke the less likley i will. Make them $50 a pack, remove the branding, make me drive 2 hours to buy them.

    They are making it harder and harder to smoke yet they cannot make them illegal as no one would vote for that.

    If cigarettes were introduced into society today do you think they would be approved?

    They kill you. I am a smoker and have huge troubles quitting. I agree with the goverment and wish they could/would do more.

  12. Azrial says:

    I might be a little more sympathetic to the tabacco company’s cause if they actually gave a rats about their customers… lets face it, they load their product up with toxic poisons and then cry foul when their sales may be affected. The government is just as bad, they allow these companies to sell products that are loaded with deadly toxins. NO other product produced to be used in, on or around its consumers in such a way would be legal but the government doesn’t care about the crap that is ADDED to cigarettes. They will also NEVER make it illegal to smoke, they collect too much tax from smokes and if we think non smokers bitch now about smokers and how tax payers fund their health care when they get ill, imagine how much they would bitch and moan if taxes were to increase because the government was no longer collecting tax from cigarette sales.
    Lets face it tabacco companies are scum, but the people who are supposed to look out for our best interests, the people WE elect, sure as shit have no problems looking the other way with their hands out while smokers (I’m an ex one) and non smokers are loaded up with more and more poisons, legally.

  13. Mike says:

    I don’t mind if someone want’s to have a smoke. They’re gonna die of something. I just wish they wouldn’t do it at MY bus stop.

  14. Amber says:

    Government you need to Back off and let individuals make their own choices in their life. We all die one day of something whether it’s from cigarettes or not , What happen to our FREE COUNTRY. MAYBE WE SHOULD BE CALLED THE GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED COUNTRY.

  15. Peter says:


    I am a smoker of 20 years… I hate it…. I wish it was illegal

    Oh, great. Because you do not have the mental strength to stop, you want to selfishly prevent everybody else from doing what they choose to enjoy. Weak people like you are what allows governments to hoover up all the power they can.

    Be a man instead of a snivelling little girl. Read Allen Carr’s book and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

  16. johnny says:

    WTF??? The first time I smoked I didnt say “Oh thats a pretty packet i think ill try one” I did it because I wanted to… If you dont want to smoke, FINE, DONT DO IT! But dont that freedom away from people who do! Its my health and my life, if I want to smoke what business is it of anyones? The government needs to worry a little less about what I do with my lungs and a little more about the debt were getting into… MORONS!

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