Shades of Grey….

28th september 2011. A lot of hoo haa lately about a case bought under the racial discrimination act in relation to defining racial origins. To my mind people can claim to be from any racial origin they like – it doesnt effect mé. However if as a result of that declaration they receive a benefit that I help pay for, it appears reasonable that they establish some proof of origin if nothing definitive exists. How about DNA and defining some percentage cut off – seems reasonable to me.

‘Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by colour’

1 thought on “Shades of Grey….

  1. johnny says:

    I dont think that being a certain race should warrant ANYONE to government hand outs. I am SO sick of hearing “Im black, give me free money” or “Im going to illegally enter your country, give me free housing”

    Its not just australia that has this issue. I am sick of hearing “Treat me the SAME! But give me free things everyone else isnt entitled to”

    You want to be treated the same? Get a job, work hard for your things and stop expecting everyone to give you hand outs all the time!

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