How Green was….

18th October 2011. Having ridden through the beautiful Gloucester / Stroud valley many times enjoying its rural tranquility within 50 k of one of our larger cities it appears that AGL’s vision of the valley is as follows:
A minimum 330 gas wells; gas and watering gathering lines, treated water ponds; salt evaporation ponds; water treatment plant; means of disposing of treated water; 15 megawatt power generation facility; connection to the electricity grid; access roads; temporary construction facilities and work camps.

Maybe in 50 years they will be saying ’ I wonder why our grandparents allowed this to happen’

1 thought on “How Green was….

  1. steve says:

    Maybe this is why the the current media attention to the status of The Buckets Way ( which is the most hazardous road in NSW) to the fore in an attempt to get some sort of compo for the degradation that will happen because of the state and federal open-slather exploration rules. We should be developing our own country instead of developing China!

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