Heading for a fall…

20th January 2012. I see certain sections of the community are talking up the fact that unit owners will be collectively financially responsible if someone , particularly a child, falls from a unit block. Once again some sections of society abrogating their responsibility for care and using the legal system as a bludgeon for personal gain.

‘Laws are like spiderwebs.They catch small flies, but let hornets break through.’


2 thoughts on “Heading for a fall…

  1. Mark says:

    This also leads to a problem in the gene pool. Those not fit to survive (Darwinism) not only thrive but prosper in the over regulated environment.

    I live in SE Asia where I am responsible for my own life in every way, I find it better only worrying about what I do and not what hundreds of dimwitted windfall chasers are doing or might do.

  2. Tmstr says:

    Agreed! I am in China… so not a nanny state!

    I used to want to jump out of my car and yell at people who let their five year old kids stand up on the front seat with their heads out the sunroof, or people running through traffic.

    Now I don’t look twice, I just think there are lessons to be learned and some people can only learn them the hard way.

    If we didn’t reward people by giving them handouts for stuffing up (like the 42 year olds who claim government benefits for IVF) we could also just leave them to make their mistakes.

    It’s great to teach people things, but you have to not only let them go their own way, but also let them find their own way out of their ditch when they finally finish digging it!

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