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15th April 2012. Recent research by industry groups has revealed the alarming statistics that nearly 50% of job applicants have poor document reading skills. They also failed to meet required numeracy skills. Successive governments seem to believe that bigger more expensive air-conditioned buildings are the key to education success when in my opinion, better teachers, classroom discipline, and sensible curriculum are the key. Seemed to work in my day.

‘If you think education is expensive, try ignorance’

2 thoughts on “Educated guess…

  1. dave mcloughlin says:

    From a statement like this I would assume you have no direct teaching experience. I am a good teacher, the fact that I get thanks from students years later for teaching them computer networking properly attests to this. Just last Thursday, when the temperature in my lab hit 40 degrees because there was no air-conditioning, I had students just get up and walk out. Why wouldn’t they. There was no way to keep them there.
    There’s nothing wrong with a comfortable environment to work in. You are of course correct about the other items you mentioned, but You try disciplining a group of people when you have no power over them whatsoever. Teaching is a difficult job, try it and get back to us.

  2. wingman says:

    Hi Dave

    No I am not a teacher, but I was a student many years ago in the days of un airconditioned class rooms. The point I make is that the billions being spent on education are not being wisely spent. We seem to be ending up with ineffective teachers in airconditioned class rooms which are only occupied for eight hours out of every 24. I fail to see how after 10 or 12 years of cumpulsory education so many students could know so little.

    As for university – with the late start, early finish, plethora of holidays – its a one year course stretched out to 3 years – dont start me on education

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