Rent it….

7th October 2012. Whilst our mediocre politicians dither and spend most of their time hurling insults at each other our Nett Foreign Debt rises to alarming proportions. The effect of this is to allow other countries, by purchase, to get a significant stakeholding in our assets , particularly food producing and minerals. I cannot really see why such land cannot be leased rather than sold outright/

‘If it moves regulate it, if it stops moving subsidise it’

2 thoughts on “Rent it….

  1. Mike says:

    This is the way most SE Asian countries do it, you cannot buy land but you can get a long term lease (which can be revoked pretty much anytime the powers that be decide to).

    1. Mike says:

      PS One Australia sells the mines and food what other income industries do we have? Idiots.

      And selling lattes to each other doesn’t count.

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