A not so good year….

16th December 2012. I sense the same feeling in people as I feel myself in the closing stages of this year. A matter of fundamental rights and principles.  a backlash to the last 10 years of erosion of human rights in the name of the ‘war on terror’…. to the spending of kazillions on arms, while many starve to death or die of treatable disease….. to the corporatisation of sport and its sell out to big gambling, to the perversion and monopolisation of the traditional media….to the politicians ,corrupt and honest, with their self serving obscene pensions and benefits, to Big mining, the Big Pharmas, the corporate barons with their tame remuneration companies, arms traders and drug lords.  a backlash to greed and corruption in all its forms and guises,  disgust and disillusionment on a

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Ghost Train….

4th December 2012. So the news is getting worse with news that by 2100 max temps will rise by 4-6 C. Atmospheric pollution comes down the Hunter Valley in coal trains and is launched into the atmosphere courtesy of China who at this moment appear responsible for 80% of the pollution. Chinese per capita emissions of course are much lower than ours so the blame lies not with China but everyone. We enrich magnates, please shareholders, but destroy the planet. ‘Our great grandchildren will say – how could you let this happen’

One hand doesn’t …

2nd December 2012. On the same page of the paper I see the Attourney General has raised the fine for Privacy breaches to $1m.The other article describes how organizations as diverse as the RSPCA and Local Councils, can, and have, accessed the confidential phone and email information of citizens to the extent of being totally out of control. ‘Privacy and Accountability, the former for yourself, the latter for others’