Legal weapon…

1st February 2013. This country  has become ridiculously dense with laws to the extent that legal self- consciousness is stiffling the exercise of judgement. Today rights are increasingly offensive weapons wielded to inflict demands on other people, using state power for private  and corporate aggrandisement .The law is being frequently used  to stifle free speech, particular by those whose actions need to be bathed in the light of public scrutiny.

The warning on a three pronged fishing hook says : ‘Harmful if swallowed’

1 thought on “Legal weapon…

  1. Robert Sullivan says:

    When I lived in Japan, I used to be amused by the essays printed on Coke cans advising the right techniques for opening and drinking the liquid, or the public annoucements in parks saying things like: “Be careful not to fall over, you might hurt yourself!” Japan is a nanny state just like Australia is, but for some reason, I tend to find the Australian version more offensive. Maybe it is because I can forgive the Japanese for being foolish and precious, but when Australians do it, it seems to grate me more!

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