3rd February 2013. The corrupt: In China they shoot them, In the US they throw them in gaol for 25 years ( if they dont give them a bank bailout ), in Australia they have a 3 year court case, transfer millions to lawyers, and let them off on a technicality.

‘Dont lie and cheat – the government doesn’t like competition’

7 thoughts on “Justice…

  1. Mike says:

    Not being in Australia, I do not understand what this article is about (besides corruption).

    But you want to look at a really corrupt, pigs feeding at the trough corrupt case – look at the UN case in Cambodia against the former Khmer Rogue – hundreds of millions in costs with very little result, even with a preponderance of evidence.

    Someone is getting very fat off it all.

  2. wingman says:

    Its a comment about the corrupt( and there are plenty in Australia), through their corruption, enriching themselves to the extent that they can afford the legal heavyweights to outrun or overturn justice

  3. wingman says:

    Which of the myriad over the past few years do you wish me to quote, where individuals have ruined others lives or enrichened themselves at the expense of others or the state and been thrashed by a feather by the courts.

  4. Mike says:

    Of course there is corruption, and of course those in power use it to enahnce their financial position at the expense of others but what I am asking is was anything proven in court? Anyone caught with their hand in the cookie jar specifically? Someone punished for it?

    I left the sinking ship called Australia years ago and do not follow the news there at all besides this site.

  5. Mike says:

    Interesting, more and more like the third world where at least you know corruption is entrenched, and even works in your favour now and then, which sort of balances it a bit.

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