Out of Control…

13th July 2013. Every day a new revelation in the privacy debate. So it seems that for years Telstra, our major carrier, has been making available our private communications to at least one foreign power. Did our gutless governments tell us ? – NO. And to cap off the week, news that a state government is legislating to record all private conversations in cabs. Hundreds of thousands of Australians that fought for a free society would be rolling in their graves. ‘“Corporations and governments cannot commit treason for they have no souls’

Good Try ….

10th July 2013. So the Queensland politicians tried to vote themselves a 40% pay rise until somebody pinged. Also the report that a senior federal politician has booked himself and his wife in for cooking courses on a tax payer funded European tour reinforces what a crass lot of individuals bullshit their way into politics. Time for representative democracy to be replaced by direct democracy.