From Stumble to Stumble….

28th November 2013. So our new Government has been in action a couple of month. To date they have managed to enrage our nearest large Neighbour, Indonesia, infuriate the largest regional neighbour China, obstruct international climate negotiations,repeal the carbon tax in the lower house.

Don’t blame me, I’m in the over 50% that didn’t vote for the turkeys.

1 thought on “From Stumble to Stumble….

  1. Rex in Aust says:

    I didn’t vote for anyone (in the lower house anyway!) so don’t blame me. Did you know that “nobody” usually (always?) wins the US election? Since the Republicans and Democrats split the voters that actually turn out, the number of people who don’t vote is larger than either the Dem or Rep total! I love that statistic.
    Btw, I got a letter from the AEC this year saying I didn’t vote but I did actually submit a ballot and I even posted a pic of the completed ballot paper on Facebook. I haven’t heard back from the AEC since I told them that.

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