18th February 2016. While governments around the world sit on their hands our oceans fill with plastic waste. The fish you eat probably contains more plastic than you care to think about. Meanwhile our packaging, and consumer product industries continue to go their own way and to hell with everyone else. ‘Make your message in a bottle read – don’t litter’

Rising Sun….

10th February 2016. Ever dream of a place where everything is on time, everything works, people are polite,courteous and honest. Such a society exists – Japan. No it’s not perfect just a damn sight more perfect than any other society you care to visit. ‘猿も木から落ちる’

No news is good news…..

9th February 2016. Slowly divorcing myself from the news sources, both printed and visual; sources immersed in never ending politics – discussing deeply flawed individuals, who are usually introducing deeply flawed policies. In most cases the attempt for printed media to move to digital in this country has resulted in click-bait populous rubbish. On the positive side independent web journalism shows a promising glimmer of hope. I must say ‘The New Yorker’ remains a beacon of light in well researched and well written articles as does ‘The Financial Times’, ‘Economist’ and a few other overseas periodicals – all originating outside Australia. Local papers are little better than comic books. Just a rant ‘People are sheep – the news media is the shepherd’