Elections again (get me outa here….)

18th March 2016. Well we are in the middle of a filibuster. The only time politicians will work late – to save their seats. Here in Australia we are girding our loins for an election, ready to be treated like children as politicians launch their own brand of obfuscation, distortion, exaggeration, evasion and I daresay ..lies. In a double whammy our news media insist on pushing the daily circus of US politics on us as well. My only observation on the US election situation is that Donald Trump can’t be controlled by the vested interests, so he must be destroyed as well funded attacks against him increase daily. ‘In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant.’

Anybody honest out there?……

3rd March 2016. With news that a Local Government employee lifted 4 million out of Council coffers over years with the usual fake invoice scam, and every day there is a seeming barrage of scammers, hackers, blowers, romance artists and other devious types preying on the vulnerable. It is indeed a sick society we live in. Valour, honour, sportsmanship and sacrifice – I read about them in books once. “It is better to be alone than in bad company.”