1st November 2016. How many times doing business do you come up with the logjam…’We cant tell you that because of privacy regulations’. This grit in the wheels of progress leglislation is from the same governments who have stripped every semblance of privacy from individuals.

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  1. Cool2017 says:

    On the subject of privacy and the Nanny State, yet more ridiculous regulation here in Australia in the form of strata laws.

    I wish to change the lock on my letterbox due to provacy concerns. The NSW Police are even promoting letterbox safety to deter identity theft. Yet due to the strata laws because I live in an apartmemt block my letterbox is deemed “common property” and I am not allowed to change the lock to secure it myself. Instead I have to go through a ridiculous bureaucratic committee involving lengthy delays as they only meet once every 6 months. I should simply be able to change the lock. It’s my letterboc, it’s my mail and nobody else has a legitimate reason to access my mailbox. In favtvI suspect the building manager who has a master key of being the person who is stealimg my mail – although I can’t prove it of course – because he has apparently taken a dislike to me due to previous complaints.

    I am a responsible person. I have paid a fortune for this apartment. I am entitled to privacy and security of my mail. Why should I not be allowed to change my own lock on mynown designated letterbox whenever I like? I am seriously considering leaving this country due to these kinds of stupidities. I am amazed so many of my fellow Aussies just meekly put up with this stupidity.

  2. Geoffrey Ashton says:

    Unfortunately we inherited some of the worst systems going throughout our short history. The Westminster system for instance which is so undemocratic it’s laughable. The English system of justice which has to be a joke in terms of access and speed of resolution. The US propensity for litigation which simply throws grit in the wheels of progress and of course stemming from all the above, a bureaucracy far removed from commonsense and efficiency

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