Airy Fairy……..

28th March 2017. I see a group of people are getting uptight because an airline refused passage to two women in Spandex. All passengers, male and female should be reminded that they are travelling in a thin skinned aluminium tube on top of this massive fuel tank, kilometres in the air with an outside temperature exceeding -50 C. In the event of an accident those with layers of plastic next to the skin and flimsy footwear are probably toast.

‘FLying isn’t dangerous. Crashing is what’s dangerous. ‘

1 thought on “Airy Fairy……..

  1. Big C says:

    They had free tickets as friends/family of an Airline Employee, as such they have a standard dress code as these people represent the airline.

    They did not follow the dress code for their free tickets.

    Well, go pay for your tickets then.

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