I’ve said it before….

21st May 2019. So if you look at the head count of the winners and losers in this recent election it is about equal. So now half of the country is totally disenfranchised for the life of this parliament with no say in the running of the country unlike other systems where the number of ministers is proportional to the votes received. The Westminster system of government is a joke. ‘An election is not far off when a candidate can recognise you from across the street’

True Colours…..

16th May 2019. On the eve of our federal election there is something good. Most of the newspapers have shown their true colours. The Murdoch Empire of papers full of inane heavily biased lies and distortions as expected. But since the take over of the Fairfax papers this group is not far behind in black and white crap. The good news – the savings I am making by not buying newspapers I am now putting into quality online journalism. ‘Ads are the most truthful part of a newspaper’

Don’t have a Preference…

2nd May 2019. Our Senate Election system is so complex that even our Electoral Commission can’t explain it. For the locals here goes: You have to number at least 6 boxes if you vote for a party or 12 boxes if you vote for an individual.If you do this however you are not saying who you do NOT want to vote for and the distribution of other peoples preferences may in fact elect that person with your help. To prevent the above you must exhaust all your preferences ie number every box either for a party ( above the line) or an individual (‘Below the line). ‘ Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil ‘