Light at the end of the tunnel

31st May 2022. I and millions of others in Australia breathe a collective sigh of relief as the drongos who ran our country for 9 years have been committed to the dustbin of history. Realisation perhaps that our globe is rejecting us for our stupidity. Some scientists are calling the current generation the ‘Omega’ generation. ‘Omega’ is the last letter in the Greek alphabet. ‘I don’t believe in political jokes I have seen too many get elected’

Sea Change….

1st May 2022 Federal election in 3 weeks sees an awakening of political awareness with a plethora of Independents, and a revitalised Greens Party. Maybe at last after nearly 200 years we may be able to begin to rid ourselves of this corrupt two party duopoly and have real people govern us instead of apparatchiks. ‘In politics stupidity is not a handicap’