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17th June 2011. It seems the good old ( stay in bed or you might get hurt ) occupational health and safety imbroglio has spawned a thriving industry of private contractors who obviously at great expense with vehicles, flashing lights, hundreds of road cones, slow down signs and other paraphernalia, demand that you start slowing on the highway about a kilometer before a lazy road verge lawnmower machine that is going about its work. In prior years, one sign something like ‘caution road works in progress’ was the norm and to the reasonable person appeared quite satisfactory.

’ The only thing that saves us from bureaucracy is its inefficiency’


7 Responses to “Roadworks….”

  1. Russell

    I drive a truck for a living, it just surprises me the amount of road works on South Australian roads it just seems never ending, you just get your 62.5 tonne truck up to pace again and your back down to 25kph for a bloke weeding a garden bed or painting a guard rail. South Australia is the only state with a 25kph speed limit through road works all the other states are 40kph. I feel it is about time that road workers toughened up and used a bit of common sense when it comes to setting out road work speed zones there is absolutely no need for a 1 kilometer lead up to the work area at 25kph and and a 1 kilometer lead out of work zones at 25kph.

  2. Julian

    I agree about some of your views on roadworks, but OHS is bloody important. Workplace injuries cost billions to the economy and the death toll is well above the road toll. In China you get penalized for getting injured because getting hurt means you didn’t follow their procedures. We are lucky to work and live in a country that has OHS legislation.

  3. Matt

    Its a tricky one but to Julian This is about our home not overseas.Stick To The Point.

  4. Geoff

    Anyone ever heard of the boy that cried wolf? Now do you wonder why nobody slows down at the 40kph signs? Keep putting them up where there is no need for them and sooner or later everyone will ignore them.

  5. Anonymous

    What’s worse is when they do this during peak hour traffic!

  6. Seano

    Have you also noticed how many traffic lights are now getting right turn and left turn filter arrows that stay red for ages.

    Also what is with all the new barriers on the side of the freeway around Stirling. Some private contractor is making a lot of money of these

  7. Ben

    Personally, a little extra money spent on the prevention of people losing their lives isn’t something that should be taken lightly. In the end, money and precaution are a small price to pay.


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