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Take Credit…

20th June 2011. News that, already, European Industrial Companies are sitting on about 10 Billion Euros of carbon credits, and that some major Australian Companies are making a nice little earner by doubling their purchase price of credits when onselling, is a salutory reminder to us all that the credits you give away to day to your solar installer could be worth double tomorrow and that the whole scheme is highly rortable.

‘There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew’


2 Responses to “Take Credit…”

  1. Tony Fairhurst

    Carbon Credits must be the biggest tax grab since GST please Mr Abbott get in there and stop that crazy woman before she sends this country to the poor house.
    I have just had a chat to a friend who has flown over from the UK and he says “be prepared for the worst because Great Britain is no longer great thanks to the Nanny mentality of its Governments!” is this where we are going?
    I think we are going exactly the same way, I dont smoke and I dont care if some one else does, I dont go to church but I dont care if someone else does, I dont go to nudist beaches and so on.
    What ever happened to taking personal responsability for the ongoings of yourself and your family.
    OH&S for example is killing our workforce and turning us into a bunch of Zombies who cant think for themselves.
    Gays want to get married! Who bloody cares!
    Vehicle legislation is turned into a money spinner. Put Police back on the streets and give them some back up not Local Government Security firms.
    I am 54 this year and I have never been so dejected about the way my country is going. I dont say go backwards just look where you are going when you are going forward and stop following every other bloody sheep!


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