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Thats the ticket..

29th June 2011. I suppose while we are rabbiting on about smoking, alchohol and gambling. Does anybody else really believe that this stupid signing in at clubs, whilst adding thousands and thousands of booklets and stubs to landfill, actually achieves any purpose. Or is just another Government Department justifying its existence. If Alcohol Licensing really wanted to justify their existence how about they take a walk down any main street at 3 am.

‘Reality is a crutch for people who can’t handle drugs’


7 Responses to “Thats the ticket..”

  1. Barry

    Ahh… a pet peeve of mine, I pretty much refuse to enter any place that requires me to sign in. Seems much more rampant in NSW than Vic.

  2. Dirk Kuiper

    Sick of governments running every aspect of your life.
    Particularly the so called do-gooders

  3. Mike

    I’d frequent clubs more regularly if I didn’t have to sign in every time I went.

  4. Bob
    1. One reason is the fact that Clubs are not public places. They are owned by the members. It is the members that want to know and make sure that itiots do not enter and if they do then they can be identified.

    2. Before any one wants to put signing in down then they should read the Registered Clubs Act.

    3. The clubs are a place above the normal pub or hotel. By signing in they can screen people that they do not want in. Reasons for not letting persons in are but limited to being intoxicated having clean clothes in fitting with the club law

  5. Admin

    Yes, all very well Bob. Because something is the law doesnt necessarily make it reasonable or common sense. Hotels can also exercise control over who they serve without this clumsy waste of resources which from casual observation achieves nothing

  6. steve

    Try coming to innercity pubs and clubs in Newcastle nsw where they scan your finger prints or NO ENTRY.

  7. Dave McLoughlin

    Alcohol and gambling, both revenue streams for Govt. coffers. The damage caused by these two vices is out of control. They kill and maim a hell of a lot more more people than NSW Outlaw Bikies, but look what’s happening to those guys. It seems you only get shot if you don’t provide tax income streams. Think about that if your an outlaw biker too.

    Q. Why would anyone go to a club where you sign in?
    A. So you can mingle with other the rest of the dick-heads.


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