Governments Running and Ruining your life

Sea Change….

1st May 2022 Federal election in 3 weeks sees an awakening of political awareness with a plethora of Independents, and a revitalised Greens Party. Maybe at last after nearly 200 years we may be able to begin to rid ourselves of this corrupt two party duopoly and have real people govern us instead of apparatchiks.

‘In politics stupidity is not a handicap’


Book four….

Jacked my body into gear and started writing book four. This will be my fourth Thriller and should be completed by the end of 2020 and like the other titles, Contrail, The Fox Hunter, The Ryan Saga will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and selected book stores as an E-Book or Print



Ok haven’t posted for awhile – too busy on twitter commenting on the absolute criminality of the current Australian Government and their intransigence to any outside curb to their corruption excesses

“When they call the roll in Parliament, the politicians do not know whether to answer ‘Present’ or ‘Not Guilty’.”


Free and Fair….

2nd June 2019. Vale Free and fair elections in Australia. The latest travesty again indicates how the preference system can be bought. That and the Russian style flood of bots and spurious users on social media to influence the politically dumb and further misinform the already misinformed make our Federal Election results a joke.

‘The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all’


I’ve said it before….

21st May 2019. So if you look at the head count of the winners and losers in this recent election it is about equal. So now half of the country is totally disenfranchised for the life of this parliament with no say in the running of the country unlike other systems where the number of ministers is proportional to the votes received. The Westminster system of government is a joke.

‘An election is not far off when a candidate can recognise you from across the street’


True Colours…..

16th May 2019. On the eve of our federal election there is something good. Most of the newspapers have shown their true colours. The Murdoch Empire of papers full of inane heavily biased lies and distortions as expected. But since the take over of the Fairfax papers this group is not far behind in black and white crap. The good news – the savings I am making by not buying newspapers I am now putting into quality online journalism.

‘Ads are the most truthful part of a newspaper’

Don’t have a Preference…

2nd May 2019. Our Senate Election system is so complex that even our Electoral Commission can’t explain it. For the locals here goes: You have to number at least 6 boxes if you vote for a party or 12 boxes if you vote for an individual.If you do this however you are not saying who you do NOT want to vote for and the distribution of other peoples preferences may in fact elect that person with your help.

To prevent the above you must exhaust all your preferences ie number every box either for a party ( above the line) or an individual (‘Below the line).

‘ Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil ‘


More of the same……

25th April 2019. So far in our Federal Election Campaign I have seen lies, distortions, exaggerations, evasions, obfuscations, omissions, diversions, …. truth …

‘If voting made any difference they wouldn’t allow us to do it’


Give me the facts…..

16th April 2019. When finance and marketing people take over a company from engineers and scientists, bad things happen. In our case it also applies to countries – I think only one person with a science training in our entire federal parliament

‘Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge’.


Contrary to all reports……

16th April 2019. I am not dead – I have just been sidetracked to twitter for awhile. With Federal Elections coming up it is full of lies, accusations, innuendo, and worse, to the point I have had enough. This comment I tripped across the other day, the words are not mine.

‘Those who govern the nation and shape the public discourse cannot be trusted with the preservation of life on Earth. There is no benign authority preserving us from harm. No one is coming to save us. None of us can justifiably avoid the call to come together to save ourselves.’

‘“Honestly, if you’re given the choice between Armageddon or tea, you don’t say ‘what kind of tea?”


Down the mine….

13th March 2018. A learned economics professor has calculated that Australia is 90 billion dollars out of pocket by world standards of collection of resource taxes. This situation is due to the unholy alliance of our two major parties and the mining industry, exacerbated by the corruption of political donations and the revolving door between mining companies and politicians.This quasi political institution we call democracy is a joke on us all.

‘Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance’


Opening For……

20th February 2018. New building code only allows second storey windows to be opened 100mm. Accordingly on a hot day it’s impossible to get a breeze into the room. So everyone must suffer because some parents fail to control their children. About time we stopped legislating for the careless, stupid and incompetent.

‘We regulate ourselves unto enslavement and inhumanity.


19th February 2018. Well today is the anniversary of the WW11 bombing of our strategic port,Darwin. I roll my eyes and the victims of the bombing roll in their graves knowing that with the help of some of our compliant politicians this port was recently leased to the Company of a foreign power, China, for 99 years.

‘While you’re stabbing my back, you can kiss my ass too’


And so over the cliff……

19th February 2018. Guess I am a lazy correspondent but starting book four as yet unnamed and trying to escape from the lunacy that is AUSTRALIA and its politics and politicians has taken time out of the year. I feel despondent that as we destroy the globe and ourselves the incessant inane background chatter, oblivious to the main game, never stops, even as the lemmings plunge over the cliff to their doom.

‘When it comes to global warming, coal is the gorilla in the room.’


And I repeat……

7th December 2017.
I am repeating a post I made 5 years ago coming up Xmas – nothing has changed – only worsened……………
16th December 2012. I sense the same feeling in people as I feel myself in the closing stages of this year. A matter of fundamental rights and principles, a backlash to the last 10 years of erosion of human rights in the name of the ‘war on terror’…. to the spending of kazillions on arms, while many starve to death or die of treatable disease….. to the corporatisation of sport and its sell out to big gambling, to the perversion and monopolisation of the traditional media….to the politicians, corrupt and honest,with their self serving obscene pensions and benefits,to Big mining,the Big Pharmas,the Corporate Barons with their tame remuneration companies,arms traders and drug lords; a backlash to greed and corruption in all its forms and guises, disgust and disillusionment on a massive scale.

Have a great relaxed holiday season from me


The Right Dishonourable…..

7th December 2017. Our learned forefathers constructed a Constitution which basically forbids dual citizens to hold political office. Being flushed out of our Parliament one by one is a trail of politicians who fail to meet that requirement. Many fully knowing their ineligibility have remained silent – dishonourable bastards !

‘All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.’


Its a gas…..

7th October 2017. As an example of two of the most incompetent major parties ever inflicted on this country, Australia, the nation with the biggest gas reserves is short of domestic gas because successive administrations have allowed all our gas to be exported. Undoubtedly facilitated by a coterie of lobbyists and associated graft, corruption and incompetence.

‘Lobbyists – ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent’


Get prepared……

6th August 2017. The Banks and Credit Card companies must be seeing their rivers of gold turn to mud. If I purchase something for Bitcoin, Ethereum et al from a willing supplier the transaction is done in a matter of minutes without fees or identity exposure – no bank charges, credit card fees, international exchange ripoff, account charges. The captives are out and running fast.

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.”

Closed for business…

4th August 2017. And so more retailers close due to cost structure, over governance, and unfair competition of tax avoiding competition. Soon there will not be enough workers to support the massive bureaucracy dreaming up even more ways for the ever diminishing private sector to pay their wages.

Corporation: An ingenious device for obtaining profit without individual responsibility


Call Direct…

17th July 2017. One thing I hate is a monopoly and here in Australia Expedia and are establishing monopoly situations for accommodation bookings, hitting accommodation providers with exhorbitant commissions. The unkindest cut of all despite dragging almost a billion dollars out of Australia they pay little tax, playing the tip toe through the tulips of tax minimisation with off-shore structures etc. So people use these agencies by all means to find a property through them but then ring the property DIRECT for your booking – a grateful accommodation provider will probably give a discount when you explain.


It’s Time…..

27th June 2017. With the current hijinks in some of our near north muslim neighbours isn’t it about time we thought about our totally defenceless and ill prepared population. Many of the most advanced countries in the world have embraced National Service as a means of establishing some level of preparedness in their people.

‘You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do’


And the latest…..

26th June 2017. In a world rapidly going to hell in a handcart thought I would include the latest on Climate Change from New Scientist. There are actually steps that you as an individual can take.

‘The world is not a commodity’


Sea Change…..

11th April 2017. Have a friend who needed just a few custom containers made – couldn’t be done in Australia, so he had them made in China. The all up cost to be made and shipped to Australia was approximately $3000. To get this small shipment across the wharves in Australia – $1000.

‘When your ship comes in, make sure you are willing to unload it. ‘


Airy Fairy……..

28th March 2017. I see a group of people are getting uptight because an airline refused passage to two women in Spandex. All passengers, male and female should be reminded that they are travelling in a thin skinned aluminium tube on top of this massive fuel tank, kilometres in the air with an outside temperature exceeding -50 C. In the event of an accident those with layers of plastic next to the skin and flimsy footwear are probably toast.

‘FLying isn’t dangerous. Crashing is what’s dangerous. ‘

Get Real…..

2nd February 2017. Seems to be a lot of hoo ha and misreporting about the US – Russion Relationship under the new US administration. People have very short memories. If not for the Russian sacrifices against the Nazis, outnumbering the total killed and wounded of all others by a factor of 10 the whole of Europe would have undoubtedly fallen to Hitler and we would have had a very different world.

‘Communism – the most painful way to Capitalism’



1st November 2016. How many times doing business do you come up with the logjam…’We cant tell you that because of privacy regulations’. This grit in the wheels of progress leglislation is from the same governments who have stripped every semblance of privacy from individuals.


Between scylla and charybdis….

12th October 2016. You only have to look at current shenanigans in US, UK and Australian politics to know how broken are these so called democratic systems which only represent the few. The disappointing fact is that there are other much more equitable, workable systems of government in the world which work well. Wresting the levers of power from those who benefit most to initiate change – now that’s the problem.

‘Too bad that all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair’


Olympic Jaundice….

21st August 2016. Having spent good money watching Marion Jones win numerous events at the 2000 Olympics to find some years later that she had more drugs in her bloodstream than the average pharmacist shop I understandably have a very jaundiced view of the whole procedure. As a device for making some people very rich and some cities very poor it works well otherwise I see no redeeming features.

“We must have had 99 percent of the match, it was the other three percent that cost us.”


The circus has come to town…..

3rd July 2016. One just has to sit through an election night count to realise that we are way over governed. One hundred and seventy or so federally and their army of hangers-on justifying their existence in the delusion they are representing their constituents when in fact all they are doing is toeing a party line.

‘The circus has come to town, but there are way too many clowns’


Workplace Health and Stupidity…….

2nd July 2016. The Australian census is in August. I have been given an expensive little booklet on how to distribute and collect census data on possible guests. Two pages of this expensive booklet are devoted to motherhood statements on Workplace Health and Safety, like ‘Prevent work related injury and disease’ – For heavens sake I am giving out and collecting forms – absolutely beyond stupidity.

‘Smile and act stupid, that way no one gets confused’

Small business Big problem….

2nd April 2016. Ever tried to get a small business off the ground in Australia. Every step of the way bureaucracy, legality, and banking is there trying to stop you. The parasites are out in force trying to suck every dollar out of the venture by the imposition of obscure, unnecessary, and ridiculous imposts and costs generated by a host of unnecessary drones.

‘I looked for an inspirational quote, but then I lost the inspiration’


Elections again (get me outa here….)

18th March 2016. Well we are in the middle of a filibuster. The only time politicians will work late – to save their seats. Here in Australia we are girding our loins for an election, ready to be treated like children as politicians launch their own brand of obfuscation, distortion, exaggeration, evasion and I daresay ..lies.

In a double whammy our news media insist on pushing the daily circus of US politics on us as well. My only observation on the US election situation is that Donald Trump can’t be controlled by the vested interests, so he must be destroyed as well funded attacks against him increase daily.

‘In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant.’


Anybody honest out there?……

3rd March 2016. With news that a Local Government employee lifted 4 million out of Council coffers over years with the usual fake invoice scam, and every day there is a seeming barrage of scammers, hackers, blowers, romance artists and other devious types preying on the vulnerable. It is indeed a sick society we live in. Valour, honour, sportsmanship and sacrifice – I read about them in books once.

“It is better to be alone than in bad company.”



18th February 2016. While governments around the world sit on their hands our oceans fill with plastic waste. The fish you eat probably contains more plastic than you care to think about. Meanwhile our packaging, and consumer product industries continue to go their own way and to hell with everyone else.

‘Make your message in a bottle read – don’t litter’


Rising Sun….

10th February 2016. Ever dream of a place where everything is on time, everything works, people are polite,courteous and honest. Such a society exists – Japan. No it’s not perfect just a damn sight more perfect than any other society you care to visit.



No news is good news…..

9th February 2016. Slowly divorcing myself from the news sources, both printed and visual; sources immersed in never ending politics – discussing deeply flawed individuals, who are usually introducing deeply flawed policies.

In most cases the attempt for printed media to move to digital in this country has resulted in click-bait populous rubbish. On the positive side independent web journalism shows a promising glimmer of hope.

I must say ‘The New Yorker’ remains a beacon of light in well researched and well written articles as does ‘The Financial Times’, ‘Economist’ and a few other overseas periodicals – all originating outside Australia. Local papers are little better than comic books. Just a rant

‘People are sheep – the news media is the shepherd’

Laissez faire…

11th September 2015. We went soft on discipline, parents and teachers were prevented from chatising children by a minority legal / bureaucracy. We reap what we sow. We have lost a generation who have turned into rebellious, disrespectful, self centered ratbags. In my opinion the spate of crimes against women and other crimes of violence being committed by this generation are committed by people who have never heard the word ‘No’.

‘Good citizenship demands attention to responsibilities as well as rights.’


Give me a sign…

22nd August 2015. Looking around a small publicly accessible pool near a restaurant I counted 9 signs around the pool, all exhorting the dim-witted and foolish not to do dim-witted and foolish actions. Why do we have to lower society to the lowest common denominator.

‘What this country needs are more unemployed politicians.’


It’s a joke, isn’t it?…

16th August 2015. After spending millions of dollars big-noting themselves in a Senate Enquiry, the committee in charge is recommending that the Multi-National Corporations who are serial tax avoiders be named and shamed. Is that the best they can do ?

‘I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.’


Endless Cycle….

12th August 2015. ‘Australia’s mandatory helmet laws for cyclists should be abolished because they are deterring people from riding bikes and improving their health, a number of doctors and academics have told MPs.’ Are these the same doctors and academics that told us we should have them in the first place?

If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.



5th August 2015. Free trade agreements should not be about corporate interests supplanting public ones but, with the secrecy surrounding the Trade in Services Agreement talks this may be what Australia’s future holds. Germany is presently being sued, under the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions, for $US4.7 billion because it wants to phase out nuclear power. Canada lost a case after Quebec imposed a moratorium on fracking. The federal government was sued over its tobacco legislation, and though it won the 2012 case, the latest one asking billions in compensation has not been decided.

Our essential sovereignty in being able to regulate business in our own country.

‘There is no friendship in trade’


Ever Been Had…

3rd August 2015. The big pharmaceutical companies in Australia made $8 billion sales last year, received $3.5 billion in government subsidies and paid $85 million tax – Oh and of course they were very generous political donors.

‘What have we got – taxation by confession’


31st July 2015. Money buys longevity in politics as well as favours. Our two incompetent major parties exist because of their refusal to introduce a democratic system of funding.

‘Government is the entertainment arm of the corporate sector’


And you think you have problems now………..

24th July 2015. While we all lose sleep over life’s petty problems, no one seems particularly perturbed that due to man’s intervention in the atmosphere the earth has now entered an unstoppable warming phase, a phase, that even with maximum intervention will go on for a millenium. Not my problem, I’ll be dead by then seems to be the mindset…… We always were a flawed species.

Tomorrow your children will feel the heat


My latest novel……

22nd July 2015

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Geoffrey Lincoln, whilst restoring a vintage Ryan aircraft, discovers a letter hidden within the wing. The faded letter, a message passed across generations and continents, hints at the existence of an enigma. So starts a desperate hunt which leads to the edge of the Arctic Circle. An adult story of surprises, tragedy, and comradeship.

An encompassing adventure with unexpected turns


I’m Back…

22nd July 2015. Well back after a long sabbatical while getting a bit disillusioned with the state of the nation. Currently in my view we have the worst Prime Minister we have ever had, the current government is the worst we have ever had, and the current opposition is the most ineffectual we have ever had. The country is in a race to the bottom and like leemings many of the population are following. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, corporations are dodging billions in tax and the country is existing as a service industry selling over priced overseas goods and services to other Australians.

Sitting back and saying nothing – achieves nothing


The Limit….

9th November 2014. I can remember when there were only two speed limits in Australia 30 mph and derestricted. Now we have a whole army of bureaucrats and an expensive industry manufacturing poles and signs which seem to change daily.

‘ Bureaucracy, the art of making the possible impossible’


Public Purse….

7th November 2014. So we have 6 live Prime Ministers in this country all sucking on the public purse to the extent of a half a million salary p.a with obscene benefits and superannuation. Not one of them has statesman like qualities to say ‘enough is enough’.

‘If voting changed anything they would make it illegal’



29th September 2014. So it seems almost 8 billion dollars in tax are being avoided by companies doing business in Australia. Surely time the tax authorities and the government got off their respective backsides and stopped these accountancy rorts .

‘Lets have a tax system that looks as if it was designed on purpose’


And the elephant in the room……

23rd September 2014. Much of the daily bad news can be eventually be traced back to one issue ‘Too many people’. Many species in the animal and insect world are biologically way ahead of us in controlling population  to meet the requirements of the environment eg Kangaroos hold back birth rates in bad times. Humans well I guess we will just procreate ourselves into oblivion.

Each person we add now disproportionately impacts on the environment and life-support systems of the planet


Law unto…..

12th August 2014. Litigation funding, designed by lawyers, for lawyers – more legal grit in the wheels of progress.

“Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.”



20th August 2014. Beware – environmental vandals on the loose – vote carefully

There’s so much pollution in the air now that if it weren’t for our lungs there’d be no place to put it all.


Till Death us do…

9th July 2014. Retirees after being ravaged by the unscrupulous in the financial services industry eventually when they move to a retirement facility, are then in the sights of the brigands in the retirement care industry . In many cases unconscionable contracts, deferred fees, outlandish maintenance fees and deposits make this industry a thieves paradise.

‘Retirement kills more people than hard work ever did’

White Ants…

21st Jun 2014. A recent study has indicated that 25% of trades in the stock market are the result of insider trading. If this is true the Stock Market is one of the biggest swindles in town. Surprised – No.

‘Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing’


Fat Chance……

1st June 2014.  The obesity epidemic is out of control, costing countries billions of dollars. As a libertarian, nevertheless,  I acknowledge the time has come for governments to reign in a food industry that appears to be succeeding in killing us for profit.

Chemicals, n: Noxious substances from which modern foods are made


Just a bunch of ….

31st May 2014. It probably comes as no surprise that the major political parties have been rorting the election funding laws, many instances past the point of criminality. The grip on power is totally related to money and some have the hide to call it democracy.

‘Can Australians get back to a point where politicians are honest? Not unless that point is the tip of a sword’



14th May 2014. COAL – planet busting genie, released by corruption, greed and self interest of a few

‘Mining is like a search and destroy mission’



The bunch of Biggles supposedly running this country are living in a bygone era at our expense. In a time of budget crisis when expenditure is being cut in all areas they have committed us to purchase 60 fighter aircraft at a cost so far of over $20 billion. To my recollection ‘the winners’ of the last two significant wars, The North Vietnamese and the Taliban had almost nothing in the way of navy or air forces. One thing they did have were leaders that knew what they were doing, so I guess that puts us at an even greater disadvantage.

‘Lions led by donkeys’


Ripped off…

14th April 2014. A long study by renowned French economist Thomas Piketty, revealed in his book ‘Capital in the 21st Century’, indicates a growing disparity in world wealth. This disparity  sees the obscenity of the top 1% of people owning 35% of world wealth and is primarily due to the exorbitant salaries and options leading business people either award themselves or have their cohorts award them. He further states that there is no valid economic reason to justify this remuneration.

‘Crooks by any other name’


9th April 2014. So once again we have an expensive enquiry into aspects of the cesspool of Australian politics. Once again no doubt the corrupt  will be thrashed with a feather. Everyone is getting tired of the leniency afforded to corrupt politicians and white collar criminals. If we are going to have ‘The Rule of Law’ the penalties must be a deterrent to these cretins and those following them.

A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.


Knight time…

25th March 2014. In an effort to make us the laughing stock of the world our Prime Minister has resurrected ‘Knights and Dame’ titles. Is there no end to this man’s idiocy.

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber


Lobby or…….

20th March 2014. Lobbying and corruption are so close together they are almost indistinguishable. Lobbying must be stopped if any semblance of our democracy is to remain before being shredded by the influence seekers.

‘You can lead a person to politics – but you can’t make them think’



16th March 2014. Getting tired of this two party duopoly flip-flop in politics. Paucity of choice between the incompetent and the incompetent.

‘A fool and his money are soon elected’



12th March 2014. Australian Governments are starting a trend to stop paying solar electricity owners for their excess power. I don’t think they realize the tsunami of people that will leave the grid when fast approaching new solar technologies arrive. So much for their expensive power station and grid cash cows.

‘Oil industry does not own the sun’



5th March 2014. Yesterday.. large 4 metre illuminated sign over the expressway

‘——Distracted drivers cause accidents—–‘


I Spy Again…..

1st March 2014. I am reluctant to keep rabbiting on about this but…  We still get bombarded by stories of grubby little people playing their childish I spy games in the name of National Security. Many of their activities way beyond the bounds of legality and the mores of a civilized society.



Still here…

1st March 2014. Have been a bit of a lazy correspondent lately. Having finished two novels ‘Contrail’ and ‘The Fox Hunter’ , ( both Thriller/Romance if you like that genre) ,they can be downloaded on Amazon. I have started a third in the trilogy which should be released end of 2014. This activity nevertheless is an outlet that stops me throwing things at the TV as each news edition brings more stories of man’s inhumanity to man. I seem to have entered a society where everyone seems to be trying to crawl up the back of someone else and there is a paucity of good news stories.


‘The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.’


Happy New Year ?…..

1st January 2014. I think not. I fail to find a glimmer of light for the forthcoming year. Religious wars continue unabated, Governments spy on their own populations, overpopulation reduces the lifestyle of everyone, nature is under assault by the greedy and the ignorant, the political classes in the main are rife with corruption. Only one small glimmer – it will be all self correcting.

‘Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Middle age is when you’re forced to’


Tread Water….

30th November 2013 One government comes in and undoes all the achievements of the previous government on ideological grounds and so we waste billions and the country treads water.


Super Swindle….

29th November 2013. I have reported on this before but recent research has shown that in the last five years 45% of investment returns in super have gone in management fees.

‘The best time to start thinking about your retirement is before the boss does’


From Stumble to Stumble….

28th November 2013. So our new Government has been in action a couple of month. To date they have managed to enrage our nearest large Neighbour, Indonesia, infuriate the largest regional neighbour China, obstruct international climate negotiations,repeal the carbon tax in the lower house.

Don’t blame me, I’m in the over 50% that didn’t vote for the turkeys.

Make an Election..

6th September 2013. On the eve of our Federal Election (tomorrow). I could have written volumes about lies,deceit,distortion,exaggeration,omission and obfuscation. The process however leaves me with only one word – disgust.



30th August 2013. Any time we get a picture perfect calm day some paranoid gits will decide to burn off bush, destroying habitat,flora and fauna ‘as a precaution’. How about as a precaution we force anybody that wants to build in a bushfire area to take appropriate precautions rather than destroy the natural environment.



7th August 2013. One month to the Federal Election. Politicians lies are so boring

‘Politics is show business for ugly people’


Out of Control…

13th July 2013. Every day a new revelation in the privacy debate. So it seems that for years Telstra, our major carrier, has been making available our private communications to at least one foreign power. Did our gutless governments tell us ? – NO. And to cap off the week, news that a state government is legislating to record all private conversations in cabs. Hundreds of thousands of Australians that fought for a free society would be rolling in their graves.

‘“Corporations and governments cannot commit treason for they have no souls’



12th July 2013 Read my new novel now on Amazon Kindle


Action and International intrigue with an aviation flavour




Good Try ….

10th July 2013. So the Queensland politicians tried to vote themselves a 40% pay rise until somebody pinged. Also the report that a senior federal politician has booked himself and his wife in for cooking courses on a tax payer funded European tour reinforces what a crass lot of individuals bullshit their way into politics.
Time for representative democracy to be replaced by direct democracy.


22nd June 2013. Privacy issues just will not go away. So it now seems a cabal of paranoid nations are tapping into fibre optic nodes to vacuum the majority of world wide communication traffic. Is there no end to this travesty.

‘Silent Comment’


Through a looking glass darkly…

12th June 2013. In view of the US government and a number of major corporations playing free and loose with everyone private information either for their own paranoia or greed, I am starting to divest myself of services seen to be associated with these policies – goodbye you bunch of pricks

‘Even a paranoid can have enemies.’


I Spy…

10th June 2013. Perhaps if people realized that there is no such thing as 100% security, they would not so readily give up 100% of their freedoms.

‘The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them’


Social Engineering…

7th June 2013. In a fit of enthusiasm, and on the assumption that governments should even wipe our nose, some bureaucratic dill mandated that domestic hot water heaters maximum temperature be turned down so people would not scald themselves. They are now finding after spending millions employing plumbers to turn down the heat that they have adjusted hot water heaters to the range that encourages the deadly legionella bacteria.



Taxing time…

26th may 2013. There is increasing evidence that most international companies are tax avoiders. Using the wealth generated by avoiding tax to contrive ever more devious schemes to continue to do so. Enough is enough…

‘Taxation with representation ain’t so hot either’


Tender result…

12th May 2013. I see the other day the painting of a pedestrian crossing cost $100,000. Just another example of scandalous waste of public monies by the public service bureaucracies with their general lack of accountability and cozy little tendering practices.

‘I spend nearly everything on wine, women and song, the rest I waste’

I spy….

4th May 2013. The internet, information super highway, I think not, more a conduit to spy on people.

‘A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click’


Booze Blues…

31st March 2013. Recent reports indicate 70% of police time is spent on alchohol related incidents to say nothing of the social cost to families. Unambiguous statistics, and still the politicians sit on their hands and do nothing to impose sensible restrictions on the excesses of this industry.

‘A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts.’


Privacy Please…

15th March 2013. So, the Australian Privacy Act, which enshrines an individuals ability to access information held about him/her, does not apply to politicians or political parties. They can hold information about an individual that cannot be legally accessed.

‘Why would I believe any different’


Swissed on…

6th March 2013. So the Swiss are enshrining in legislation limits on executive pay and directors ‘Golden Parachutes’, but then again they have a governmental system that is democratic not like the joke that is the Westminster System

My rank is the highest known in Switzerland, I’m a free citizen


Laughing matter…

2nd March 2013. Reports today indicate that the federal leaders of our two major political parties are more popular when they are either out of the country or on holidays.

‘The only reason we have elections is to find out if the polls were right’


Badly trained….

27th February 2013. I suggest our NSW bureaucrats and politicians take a trip on the Japanese bullet train and a walk through Tokyo Shinjuku train station which handles numbers equal to the entire population of Sydney in one day, to see how successive NSW State Governments have overseen a massive failure in public transport in Sydney.

‘The only way to catch a train is to miss the one before it’


3rd February 2013. The corrupt: In China they shoot them, In the US they throw them in gaol for 25 years ( if they dont give them a bank bailout ), in Australia they have a 3 year court case, transfer millions to lawyers, and let them off on a technicality.

‘Dont lie and cheat – the government doesn’t like competition’


Legal weapon…

1st February 2013. This country  has become ridiculously dense with laws to the extent that legal self- consciousness is stiffling the exercise of judgement. Today rights are increasingly offensive weapons wielded to inflict demands on other people, using state power for private  and corporate aggrandisement .The law is being frequently used  to stifle free speech, particular by those whose actions need to be bathed in the light of public scrutiny.

The warning on a three pronged fishing hook says : ‘Harmful if swallowed’


Time for perestroika..

28th January 2013. As our current Government tries to further restrict free speech ,an opportune time to reprint an article on how our freedoms are being diminished in a similar way to cold war USSR, and how political correctness drives discussion underground

Time for Perestroika

‘Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred’.


Lack of Trust…

25th January 2013.Recent articles have outlined the rort that is the family trust tax system. Not for butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers. The well heeled and their tame lawyers and accountants have been driving a horse and cart through the tax system for years. Never mind the country is in good hands, the wages and salaries earner will prop us up.

“There are 3 types of accountant – those that can count and those that can’t.”


And on a gloomy note….

18th January 2013. Incompetence of political processes, intransigence of religion,suffocating air pollution and getting worse,global warming and getting worse, population out of control,superbugs out of control,rich getting richer,poor getting poorer, making war not peace. Sorry to say it folks – we’re doomed because of our own collective stupidity. Sit back and enjoy the ride but it aint going to be pleasant.

“Silent Comment”


Past the post….

9th January 2013. So our governments are continually squealing about lack of funds, how about a tax on gambling in the hands of the recipient.. A share trade (now that is gambling ) is charged Capital Gains Tax on the difference between funds paid and funds received. So what is so different about a horse race

In gambling the many must lose in order that the few may win.

Not Compulsory….

8th January 2013. I see the Queensland Liberal Government is pushing non compulsory voting. Good try, when studies indicate this method massively favours right wing parties as traditional left voters, the poor, disabled and disadvantaged struggle to live, let alone make it to the polling booth.

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”


And on the affirmative….

5th January 2013.The power wielded by big oil, big pharma,big food, big finance etc in their rapacious search for profit and executive and owner remuneration is beyond the capacity of the individual to combat. Remember ‘justice’ belongs to those with money and these organizations have the money and in this litigious society woe betide individual action other than boycott.

I am not in favour of nannystates but governments must at times step forward and do what governments are designed to do – represent the best interests of the people as a whole, because they are the only ones that can.

Under capitalism man exploits man; under socialism the reverse is true


A not so good year….

16th December 2012. I sense the same feeling in people as I feel myself in the closing stages of this year. A matter of fundamental rights and principles.  a backlash to the last 10 years of erosion of human rights in the name of the ‘war on terror’…. to the spending of kazillions on arms, while many starve to death or die of treatable disease….. to the corporatisation of sport and its sell out to big gambling, to the perversion and monopolisation of the traditional media….to the politicians ,corrupt and honest, with their self serving obscene pensions and benefits, to Big mining, the Big Pharmas, the corporate barons with their tame remuneration companies, arms traders and drug lords.  a backlash to greed and corruption in all its forms and guises,  disgust and disillusionment on a massive scale.

‘Politics a bargain between beggars’


Ghost Train….

4th December 2012. So the news is getting worse with news that by 2100 max temps will rise by 4-6 C. Atmospheric pollution comes down the Hunter Valley in coal trains and is launched into the atmosphere courtesy of China who at this moment appear responsible for 80% of the pollution. Chinese per capita emissions of course are much lower than ours so the blame lies not with China but everyone.

We enrich magnates, please shareholders, but destroy the planet.

‘Our great grandchildren will say – how could you let this happen’