…No Hope

2nd November 2023. A quick glance around the globe, interminable wars, a dying planet unable to sustain life, never ending ignorance , greed and stupidity. If it so happens we are the only intelligent life in our galaxy of a billion stars and planets what a crying shame that when we go due to our own stupidity there will only be silence..forever. Armageddon was yesterday – today we have a serious problem

..The curse of the drinking classes

24th April 2023. Any body with half a brain can see the pattern of knowledge work changing to remote work. The plunging commercial property prices are indicative of this change. The distinct cost savings and advantages of working remotely are too obvious to be ignored save for those trying to prop up cities which have lost their raison d’etre. “Doing nothing is very hard to do… you never know when you’re finished.”