…No Hope

2nd November 2023. A quick glance around the globe, interminable wars, a dying planet unable to sustain life, never ending ignorance , greed and stupidity. If it so happens we are the only intelligent life in our galaxy of a billion stars and planets what a crying shame that when we go due to our own stupidity there will only be silence..forever. Armageddon was yesterday – today we have a serious problem

…Flight of fancy

5th August 2023. The world is awash with aircraft as that small percentage of the population who regularly use aircraft hasten the globe to its doom. Total global aircraft emissions are about equal to global power station emissions and let’s not talk about noise and health issues. The penny is dropping. The UK has determined that the nett outflow of wealth due to aviation exceeds the inflow and that the average airport puts out the same emission quantity as four coal fired power stations. ‘ What’s that goat doing in this cloud’

..Hell in a handbasket

28th September 2022. Oceans warming, glaciers melting, war in Ukraine may go nuclear. Today someone blows up gas pipelines. Any population explosion is eventually self correcting and we are about to get self corrected. Get yourself a seat in first class and hang on for the ride – it’s going to be a doozy. ‘So what if I can’t spell armageddon – its not the end of the world’

An Unfortunate Armageddon…

1st September 2022. In the last 80 years the world population has gone from 2 billion to almost 8 billion. This meteoritic rise will only be exceeded by the rate of fall when the unfortunate armageddon of our own stupidity engulfs us. ‘Science is not calling the latest generation the ‘Omega’ generation for nothing’