5th August 2015. Free trade agreements should not be about corporate interests supplanting public ones but, with the secrecy surrounding the Trade in Services Agreement talks this may be what Australia‚Äôs future holds. Germany is presently being sued, under the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions, for $US4.7 billion because it wants to phase out nuclear power. Canada lost a case after Quebec imposed a moratorium on fracking. The federal government was sued over its tobacco legislation, and though it won the 2012 case, the latest one asking billions in compensation has not been decided. Our essential sovereignty in being able to regulate business in our own country. ‘There is no friendship in trade’

I’m Back…

22nd July 2015. Well back after a long sabbatical while getting a bit disillusioned with the state of the nation. Currently in my view we have the worst Prime Minister we have ever had, the current government is the worst we have ever had, and the current opposition is the most ineffectual we have ever had. The country is in a race to the bottom and like leemings many of the population are following. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, corporations are dodging billions in tax and the country is existing as a service industry selling over priced overseas goods and services to other Australians. Sitting back and saying nothing – achieves nothing


29th September 2014. So it seems almost 8 billion dollars in tax are being avoided by companies doing business in Australia. Surely time the tax authorities and the government got off their respective backsides and stopped these accountancy rorts . ‘Lets have a tax system that looks as if it was designed on purpose’


14th May 2014. COAL – planet busting genie, released by corruption, greed and self interest of a few ‘Mining is like a search and destroy mission’

Ripped off…

14th April 2014. A long study by renowned French economist Thomas Piketty, revealed in his book ‘Capital in the 21st Century’, indicates a growing disparity in world wealth. This disparity¬† sees the obscenity of the top 1% of people owning 35% of world wealth and is primarily due to the exorbitant salaries and options leading business people either award themselves or have their cohorts award them. He further states that there is no valid economic reason to justify this remuneration. ‘Crooks by any other name’

Happy New Year ?…..

1st January 2014. I think not. I fail to find a glimmer of light for the forthcoming year. Religious wars continue unabated, Governments spy on their own populations, overpopulation reduces the lifestyle of everyone, nature is under assault by the greedy and the ignorant, the political classes in the main are rife with corruption. Only one small glimmer – it will be all self correcting. ‘Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Middle age is when you’re forced to’

Rent it….

7th October 2012. Whilst our mediocre politicians dither and spend most of their time hurling insults at each other our Nett Foreign Debt rises to alarming proportions. The effect of this is to allow other countries, by purchase, to get a significant stakeholding in our assets , particularly food producing and minerals. I cannot really see why such land cannot be leased rather than sold outright/ ‘If it moves regulate it, if it stops moving subsidise it’