…Mindless Media

13th August 2023. It’s not just the individual stupidities which have become inexcusable, such as platforms repeatedly given to climate deniers. It’s the anti intellectualism, the hostility to new ideas. It’s the absence of moral seriousness. It’s the vacuous gossip about celebrities and consumables which takes over the conversation which takes precedence over the survival of the earth. It’s the obsession with generating noise. It’s the endless promotion of the views of the most selfish and antisocial and the exclusion of those trying to defend us from catastrophe. ‘ The media is the right arm of anarchy’


My new thriller soon to be released. Tired of boring ‘same old theme, written by 6th graders’ books which currently infect the marketplace. Want some great reading for that rainy weekend where your intellect can have a rest and your mind can roam around my settings. My books are scattered around Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc (Nitrogen coming in the next month)