Down the mine….

13th March 2018. A learned economics professor has calculated that Australia is 90 billion dollars out of pocket by world standards of collection of resource taxes. This situation is due to the unholy alliance of our two major parties and the mining industry, exacerbated by the corruption of political donations and the revolving door between mining companies and politicians.This quasi political institution we call democracy is a joke on us all. ‘Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance’

Get prepared……

6th August 2017. The Banks and Credit Card companies must be seeing their rivers of gold turn to mud. If I purchase something for Bitcoin, Ethereum et al from a willing supplier the transaction is done in a matter of minutes without fees or identity exposure – no bank charges, credit card fees, international exchange ripoff, account charges. The captives are out and running fast. “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.”

Call Direct…

17th July 2017. One thing I hate is a monopoly and here in Australia Expedia and are establishing monopoly situations for accommodation bookings, hitting accommodation providers with exhorbitant commissions. The unkindest cut of all despite dragging almost a billion dollars out of Australia they pay little tax, playing the tip toe through the tulips of tax minimisation with off-shore structures etc. So people use these agencies by all means to find a property through them but then ring the property DIRECT for your booking – a grateful accommodation provider will probably give a discount when you explain.

It’s Time…..

27th June 2017. With the current hijinks in some of our near north muslim neighbours isn’t it about time we thought about our totally defenceless and ill prepared population. Many of the most advanced countries in the world have embraced National Service as a means of establishing some level of preparedness in their people. ‘You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do’

Sea Change…..

11th April 2017. Have a friend who needed just a few custom containers made – couldn’t be done in Australia, so he had them made in China. The all up cost to be made and shipped to Australia was approximately $3000. To get this small shipment across the wharves in Australia – $1000. ‘When your ship comes in, make sure you are willing to unload it. ‘

Airy Fairy……..

28th March 2017. I see a group of people are getting uptight because an airline refused passage to two women in Spandex. All passengers, male and female should be reminded that they are travelling in a thin skinned aluminium tube on top of this massive fuel tank, kilometres in the air with an outside temperature exceeding -50 C. In the event of an accident those with layers of plastic next to the skin and flimsy footwear are probably toast. ‘FLying isn’t dangerous. Crashing is what’s dangerous. ‘

Get Real…..

2nd February 2017. Seems to be a lot of hoo ha and misreporting about the US – Russion Relationship under the new US administration. People have very short memories. If not for the Russian sacrifices against the Nazis, outnumbering the total killed and wounded of all others by a factor of 10 the whole of Europe would have undoubtedly fallen to Hitler and we would have had a very different world. ‘Communism – the most painful way to Capitalism’


1st November 2016. How many times doing business do you come up with the logjam…’We cant tell you that because of privacy regulations’. This grit in the wheels of progress leglislation is from the same governments who have stripped every semblance of privacy from individuals.

Between scylla and charybdis….

12th October 2016. You only have to look at current shenanigans in US, UK and Australian politics to know how broken are these so called democratic systems which only represent the few. The disappointing fact is that there are other much more equitable, workable systems of government in the world which work well. Wresting the levers of power from those who benefit most to initiate change – now that’s the problem. ‘Too bad that all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair’


18th February 2016. While governments around the world sit on their hands our oceans fill with plastic waste. The fish you eat probably contains more plastic than you care to think about. Meanwhile our packaging, and consumer product industries continue to go their own way and to hell with everyone else. ‘Make your message in a bottle read – don’t litter’